Adopt A Lemur

Adopt a Lemur

Lemurs are a Critically Endangered species facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the immediate future with the biggest threats being habitat destruction and hunting. In their native Madagascar, around 90% of their natural habitat has already been destroyed. Lemurs are unusual in that the female of the species is generally dominant. The lemur has a very highly evolved sense of smell. They feed mainly on leaves though they will also eat fruit and vegetables.

Lemur Adoption : The Aspinall Foundation works in conjunction with Howletts and Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks in the UK to protect rare and endangered animals, and return them to protected areas in the wild. It is a sad fact that humans are likely to cause the extinction of a quarter of all known species in the next 20 years, unless we work together to protect them now.

By adopting a Lemur today you will be giving the species a chance of survival for the future. Just £25.00 will help to protect, feed, keep healthy and enriched through play, the lemurs in care through The Aspinall Foundation around the world.

About the Lemurs:At 18 years old, Ron is one of the older lemurs at Howletts and is a ‘black and white ruffed lemur’ – he lives with his slightly bossy mate ‘Athena’ and 3 of his 9 children are also still at Howletts. Howletts also plays home to other types of lemur such as Sifaka Lemurs of which there are only 18 in captivity! Two of the sifaka lemurs are Noel and Tao – both very friendly Noel being given his name as was born on christmas day. They are also known as ‘dancing lemurs’ as they jump sideways!

Animal adoptions make wonderful ethical gifts so why not treat a friend or family member to one of the fantastic lemur adoption boxes and be safe in the knowledge that you have contributed towards helping the lemur species to survive.


Lemur adoption boxes are not currently available, but you can sponsor a Lemur!


Sponsor Aprily the Black Lemur